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09 July 2008 @ 06:32 am
Doctor Cassie  
Title: Found
Rating: Strong R for adult situations (and smut)
Author: sgfangirlfics
Pairing: Sam/Janet, Cassie/others
Disclaimer: Not mine!
Summary: Ten years after Janet disappears, Cassie is a doctor and things just aren't right in her world. Prompt given by majorsamfan to take the idea of Cassie being a doctor and run with it. This is what my brain came up with. Hope you like.

Clad in scrubs of aquamarine, a lab coat that touched her calves and a determined demeanor she seemed to carry everywhere, the young doctor rushed down the drab halls. Any personnel who had been a fixture in the place for ten years or longer could have sworn they saw a ghost streaking past. Ever since the new doctor had arrived, it was all some people could do to remind themselves that this was in fact a new doctor with a familiar name and not someone they had all known years ago.

“Dr. Fraiser to the infirmary,” a loud voice invaded the base, causing the doctor with dirty blonde, long hair loosely tied in a knot to once again resume her rushing. As she sped past airmen, officers and SGC teams members in battle dress uniforms, the woman couldn’t help but long for a simpler time. A time when the call over the loudspeaker wouldn’t cause her to jump and her heart rate to quicken, when it was a different Dr. Fraiser to answer the calls. But those days were well behind her, before she had had attended medical school and spent a few years in Africa preparing for this fast-paced environment. She had worked herself so hard and ragged; she knew the SGC couldn’t possibly choose anyone else over her.

Alone in her apartment, she wondered if all her determination and endurance were for nothing. Yes, she had achieved her goal. She was the chief medical officer for Stargate Command, a place not so secret as it had been in her youth. Unlike the CMOs who came before her, including one that filled her thoughts constantly, her choosing had to more thorough, for now the entire world had a stake in their program. Humanitarian work put her above the rest, but it was a close race, one she wasn’t so sure she was glad about winning anymore.

Lifting a bottle to her lips, Cassie downed a few gulps of amber liquid before dropping her arm back onto the arm of her sofa. Her living room, still full of boxes as it was the day she moved in three months ago, seemed to mock her silently as she sat sullenly, staring at the vast emptiness of her apartment. Sighing, she brought the bottle to her lips once more and emptied the contents into her throat.

She managed to wrestle her tall body off of the sinking cushions in search of more beer, even though she knew she had finished off at least seven already. But she wasn’t in the mood for watching television and going out was out of the question. So instead she drowned her sorrows in becoming hopelessly drunk, her mind reliving scenes of her past over and over again.

One such scene was playing out at this moment. The Stargate loomed before her, an immense presence she had only felt a few times before, but it was blurred by her own tears. The Gateroom was filled with people all dressed for a funeral. There was Sam, her short blonde hair gleaming in the pale light, her beautiful face downcast and her oceanic eyes blinking away their own moisture. Her dress uniform was impeccable, fitted with ribbons of honor and decoration, things she had won over the years of saving Earth time and again. Next to her was Daniel, his arm around the tall blonde woman, providing what little comfort he could. He was dressed in his best suit, a black, somber matching jacket and pants with navy blue shirt and black tie. Teal’c stood beside him in a similar suit with a white collared shirt and fedora hat completing his ensemble. Even Jack was there, his dress uniform perfect, hat in hand as he stared dumbly at his second in command. Cassie knew he wanted to comfort Sam but had no idea what to say.

Instead, the girl of eighteen came to stand beside the colonel, taking his hand in her own and squeezing gently. Jack looked down at the girl and smiled sadly. “Hey, kid,” he whispered softly before putting his arm around her shoulders and drawing her close. “I’m sorry about your mom.”

Cassie’s eyes filled with tears again and she whispered back, “You’ll find her. I know you will. She’s out there somewhere and–” her voice caught in her throat as she discovered that she didn’t even quite believe what she was saying. Otherwise they wouldn’t be here, at Janet Fraiser’s memorial service. Missing for almost a year, the SGC had decided to give up on ever finding their doctor. The thought made the doctor’s daughter want to keel over and die.

Another swig of beer as the memories faded and the woman on the sofa threw an empty one at the wall. It made a satisfying smash and left its imprint on the wall where it shattered. There would be bits of glass to clean up in the morning, but the inebriated woman didn’t really think too much about that at the moment. Instead, she picked up another bottle, preparing to launch it as well when there was a knock at her door.

Groaning, she dropped the bottle harmlessly next to her on the sofa and heaved herself up, toward the offending noise. Opening the door, she squinted at the sudden brightness of the hall and croaked out a hoarse hello. When her eyes finally adjusted to the light, she had to swallow involuntarily at the sight that met her.

There, on her doorstep, was a petite woman clad in a very small black leather dress that clung to her body as if it was sprayed on. Cassie began to breathe heavier as her eyes traveled northward and found a pair of perky, lovely breasts, only partially covered by the top of the dress. The woman’s shoulders looked soft and tanned, which only led to a smooth, supple neck. The face was as striking as it was familiar, a friend she had met at a club a few nights before. The woman with short dark hair smiled.

“Hey, Cassie,” the woman on her doorstep greeted her softly. Jackie, the doctor remembered. That was her name. Jackie continued in the same soft tones, “Thought you could use some company tonight.”

Cassie nodded dumbly and stepped back, opening the door fully to allow Jackie entrance. The woman strutted past her and turned as she watched the tall doctor shut the door behind her. The two had immediately liked each other the moment they met, being able to talk easily, but also both sensing the obvious attraction between them. Cassie had brought Jackie home that night with the expressed invitation to come again any time she liked. Apparently Jackie was taking her up on the offer.

The door was barely closed behind her before she shoved Jackie up against the apartment wall and began assaulting her lips with her own. The dark haired woman chuckled, apparently liking her friend’s reaction before returning the kiss full fervor. They remained locked in this passionate embrace all the way to the bedroom, where Cassie threw the smaller woman onto the bed and practically ripped the dress off her.

Clad in nothing underneath, the woman on the bed arched her back so that her pert little nipples peaked in the cold apartment air. It was all the urging the taller blonde needed. Her fingers found the right nipple and began twisting it gently at the same time as her mouth found the left and sucked as if it had never had this nipple before. Jackie shuddered and leaned back against the bed as little noises of pleasure began to escape her lips. But these sounds only encouraged the woman on top of her, causing her to squeeze and suck all the harder. Soon the smaller woman was writhing on the bed, the noises much louder now as she began to beg the doctor to focus her attentions lower.

Grinning wickedly, Cassie removed her fingers from the one nipple and allowed them to travel lower until they dipped into dripping wet folds, briefly flicking the nub of skin she found there. Jackie convulsed slightly at the touch and whimpered softly. “Please,” she begged, her eyes finding her lover’s and holding them steady.

Cassie nodded, immediately plunging her fingers into Jackie and was met with a delighted gasp from the woman beneath her. Leaning over, she dipped her tongue into Jackie’s mouth at the same rate and pace as her fingers. Soon they had a steady rhythm and more of Cassie’s fingers joined the two until they were all inside, quickly pulling in and out as Jackie came closer and closer to the edge. Finally, the small woman grabbed Cassie’s shoulders and let out a cry of pleasure so loud she was sure the neighbors would hear, but somehow didn’t care. Jackie collapsed in Cassie’s arms, spent and satisfied.

The doctor giggled, allowing herself to fall beside her lover, contentedly licking her fingers. When her breathing finally slowed, the woman next to her kicked off her high heeled shoes and sat up on the bed, looking down at the blonde. “Where’d you put that dildo I left you the last time I was here?”

Grinning wickedly, the taller woman nodded toward the bedside table, where the strap-on black, eight-inch dildo was resting. One of Jackie’s eyebrows shot up as she licked her lips and looked back down at the woman below her. “Looks like you made good use of it,” she whispered suggestively.

“Oh yeah,” Cassie replied coyly before she began to remove her clothes, starting with her t-shirt. “Why don’t you show me how to really use it, though?”

Jackie smirked and reached for the item in question as she watched the woman below her shrug off her bra. The brunette began lacing up the strap-on and continued to watch the gorgeous blonde as she stripped off her tight little shorts, flicking them off the side of the bed. Jackie couldn’t help but notice the woman was wearing no underwear.

When there was finally a naked woman beneath her, the smaller woman smiled broadly and asked in a silky voice, “Lube?”


The next morning, Cassie awoke alone, with a splitting headache, groaning loudly as she blinked her eyes a few times in the early morning light. Ever the doctor, her body had grown accustomed to waking at the first light of the sun, no matter how little sleep she had the night before. On most occasions she considered this a good thing, making sure she was never late for work, but on mornings like this, she wished she could sleep off the headache and hangover. But, knowing she would never fall back asleep, the blonde rolled out of bed and shivered slightly as the cool morning air hit her naked body.

Glancing down, she idly wondered why she wasn’t wearing any clothes, but then caught sight of the strap-on laying on the bedside table and thoughts of the wild night came rushing back to her. Grinning to herself, Cassie grabbed a towel and headed for the bathroom. It wasn’t a surprise or a disappointment to the doctor to discover her late night visitor gone by morning. In fact, she was quite pleased she had found someone who didn’t fuss over the non-essentials, which, in her mind, including cuddling and waking up together in the morning. Anything beyond sex indicated a relationship and that was something Cassie simply had no desire for. Besides, she wasn’t a great conversationalist and it was refreshing to find another woman who didn’t feel that talking was necessary for great sex.

After a refreshing shower, the doctor dressed quickly and set about the work of cleaning her apartment. She had just vacuumed the last of the glass from her shattered beer bottle when there was a soft knock on her door. Hoping it wasn’t the same knock as last night (because even she had her limits), she made her way to the door and peered through the small hole. Sighing deeply, she placed the vacuum down and opened the door widely, a fake smile appearing on her face as she did so.

“Sam,” she greeted the woman on the other side of the door brightly. The past ten years had not been kind on the brilliant astrophysicist. Cassie knew this all too well. Since her partner had gone missing, the woman had spent all her time at the SGC trying to find her until finally General Landry had ordered her to give up. The discouraged and depressed woman had resigned that very day. And now, as she stood silently staring at the woman she helped to raise, her blonde hair was streaked with an occasional gray and there were more wrinkles around her eyes than she’d like to admit. There were dark circles under her eyes and her black t-shirt and faded jeans looked as if she had plucked them from a dirty clothesbasket.

The taller, older blonde stepped into the apartment with a mumbled greeting and took a look around before finally turning to face Cassie. “You still haven’t unpacked, Cass?” she asked, sounding slightly confused.

The younger woman shrugged. “Just been really busy with work,” she replied before pushing past Sam into the living room and picking up a few things that were still on the sofa. “Sit,” she ordered and quickly closed the bedroom door.

Sam did as ordered and watched as Cassie took a seat opposite her on a matching chair, the same set that had been in Janet’s living room. After a few minutes of silence, the doctor seemed to remember her manners. “Would you like anything to drink?” she asked, although still nursing quite a large headache from her hangover, she hoped the answer would be no.

Thankfully, her guest shook her head no and replied softly, “No, thanks, Cass. This isn’t actually a social visit.”

It was all the doctor could do to keep in her groan. She pulled her legs up to her chest and leaned against the side of the chair, watching her former guardian closely. “What do you want, Sam?” she asked quietly.

Taking a deep breath, the taller blonde leaned forward, her elbows on her knees and chin in hands as her eyes implored the other woman silently with her eyes. “Don’t say no right away,” she said softly and Cassie sighed, feeling what was coming next, “But I want to accompany you on your next mission.”

“To look for Mom,” Cassie finished her thought. Across the coffee table, Sam nodded in reply. Letting out a loud huff of air, the doctor dropped her legs and folded her arms across her chest. “Sam, it’s been ten years. If she’s still alive, why wouldn’t she have found her way home by now?”

Sam shrugged. “Maybe she can’t. I can’t just give up because there’s a chance she might be dead. Because, Cassie, there’s also the chance that she’s still alive.”

Throwing up her arms, Cassie shook her head and answered with a slight grin, “Okay, okay. I give. I assume you’ve already spoken to General DeBoor about this.”

Really smiling for the first time she had entered the apartment, Sam nodded her head furiously. “He said as long as you approved it, it was fine by him.”

“Then I guess I have no choice but to say yes.”

“Thank you, Cassie, thank you!”


Four men and two women stepped out of the liquid cool of the event horizon onto the platform beyond and the first thing they noticed was the heavy, hanging humidity that seemed to draw them closer to the deep, rich soil just beyond the platform. Everything looked richer here. The trees were greener and brighter than the ones on Earth, the dirt was thicker and darker than anything Cassie had ever seen before, even on her home planet.

As they descended slowly to the ground, they took long looks around them at the silent jungle. There wasn’t a bird to be heard, no insect buzzing in their ears, not even a small animal in anyone’s eyesight. As far as the eye could see, the only living things were the plants themselves. The group began their hot walk through the jungle, on the only visible path, toward an unknown destination.

As was customary, Cassie walked in the middle of the group, protected by the actual soldiers from any unforeseen danger. Unlike her mother, this doctor had never been to the Air Force Academy, the best she’d had was a few lessons on how to shoot a P90 from Jack. And so she was banished to what had been jokingly dubbed the “Circle of Protection.” She hated it, but grudgingly accepted her fate, glaring at the other female in the group, someone who knew how to handle a gun and was therefore given one for this mission.

The small group marched from the clearing of the Gate down the path with every member at peak readiness. The four men and Sam all had their weapons at the ready, their eyes trained on the thick foliage that lined their path. It was a quiet walk with only the soft echo of their footfalls and the occasional chirp of a bird to greet them.

After what seemed like an eternity to the unarmed doctor in the middle of the circle, the leader of SG3 stopped walking and put up in his arm, bent at the elbow, with a fist raised in the air, the classic military sign to halt his team in its tracks. The group of six stopped quickly, five P90s tucked even tighter underneath their arms and twelve eyes darting every which direction. Cassie’s heart jumped at the sudden realization that they were standing in the middle of a village, one they did not notice before because it was built into the very trees themselves, high above the ground. The tree houses were shrouded in ivy, making them invisible to any visitors until they were right in the middle of them.

What concerned the doctor the most, though, was not the sudden appearance of the houses nor the curious faces that were gazing down at them through the small windows. What concerned her the most was the unfriendly faces of the men who were at that very moment pointing arrows at them, arrows strung in the most beautiful bows she had ever seen. It took a minute or two for the danger of the situation to settle in her mind, but when it finally dawned on her, she did the only thing she knew she could. She ducked behind Sam, who had stepped closer to Cassie in order to protect the defenseless woman.

The silence was almost deafening and even the birds were still as they waited with baited breath to see what would happen next. Finally, from the largest of the tree houses, there was movement. A heavy-set man with slightly balding gray hair stepped out onto what could only be described as a porch and held up his hands. The archers lowered their bows slightly to where they could be ready in case needed. Then he turned to the visitors.

“I am Froleck, the leader of these people. And who are you, strange visitors who appeared out of the Ring?” the man asked in a deep, booming voice that echoed off of the trees all around them.

The leader of SG3 stepped forward and replied loudly, “We are from a place called Earth, and we come to offer you our friendship. We are curious about your people and how you live and we hope we can share what we have with you.”

Froleck smiled and nodded, gesturing to his archers to completely disarm. They did so, but still stood wary, looking down at the newcomers with obvious distrust. “Welcome, visitors from Earth, to our humble village. I hope we can learn much from each other.”


Later that evening, the center of the village was alive with blazing light and laughter as everyone in the village and the members of the team from Earth sat around several large tables. The guests had been treated like royalty, given the best houses the village had to offer, one for the women and another for the men. Cassie had spent the afternoon treating minor cuts and abrasions on the children, as well as giving medication to the sick, something that had won her the heart of the people, who believed she was using magic to heal them despite her assurances there was no magic involved.

Sam had stayed for a while to make sure Cassie was safe, but soon she drifted away, searching the village for any sign of her lost love. The doctor was fairly sure she would return empty-handed. She had heard of several other occasions where Sam had looked for the missing Janet with no avail. Cassie was beginning to suspect the astrophysicist had no idea where the woman was, or if she was still alive, but she kept searching every planet she could so that she wouldn’t lose hope. It was something the young doctor didn’t exactly agree with, but understood that everyone had their own way of coping with losses. And she couldn’t exactly claim she had done such a great job herself, so she kept her opinions to herself.

That night, at the dinner held in their honor, as Cassie suspected Sam arrived alone with nothing to show for her day of searching. But she was confident that something would come up for she had become distracted talking to some of the villagers over the course of the few hours. So she arrived slightly disappointed, but ready to start again in the morning, a smile still painted onto her beautiful face. Cassie couldn’t help but notice the several new lines that joined the slight dimples since the last time she had seen her adopted mother. Sometimes the young doctor forgot how many years had passed and exactly how those years had affected Sam.

Another fire was lit in yet another fire pit and the dancing began. Some sort of alcohol was passed around, tasting stronger than anything Cassie had ever had before and there were times she felt as if she lived off of tequila. After downing only few glasses, the young doctor could feel her head begin to spin when she first laid eyes on her.

The her in question was a young woman with long, brilliant red hair, perky breasts hidden by a thin, small shirt that could almost be considered a bra, a tight, muscular stomach that rippled and stretched to the beat of the music as she danced seductively around the new fire. Cassie gulped audibly, her gaze completely engulfed by the woman, who, if they were on Earth, would have been considered barely legal. And if they had been on Earth, she would have most likely rose and walked over to the beauty, taken her in her arms, dancing roughly until the club closed. Then she would have taken the stunning beauty back to her apartment where she would have ravished that sexy body until the sun came up.

But seeing as they weren’t on Earth, she smiled nervously at Sam, feigning exhaustion and made her way to the tree house she was to share with her adopted mother that night. Not even bothering to hide her frustration, the doctor snatched the rope ladder and roughly dragged her thin body up to the porch. Gazing out onto the scene below her, the fires casting a strange glow over the villagers and the team she had joined to come to this planet, a spark of anger lit in her heart.

It was this life, this wonderful, adventurous, life that had stolen her mother from her when she had needed the woman the most. What right had Janet Fraiser to adopt her, to rob her of the chance at a normal life, so much so that even though she knew there were people who loved her, she was still alone, even more lonely than she had felt the day everyone on her planet had died around her. At least that day there had been hope that someone would find her and take care of her. Now there was no hope left. Eventually fate would take away everyone she cared about, so it was easier not to care at all.

Taking a deep, calming breath, Cassie forcefully steered her thoughts away from the anger at things she could not control and pushed her conscious mind to think about the woman she had seen dancing around the fire. She could still see the redhead through the smoke, somewhat small from this height, but still almost as thrilling. Smiling a little to herself, Cassie quickly raised the rope ladder, making a mental note to put it back for Sam later, and slipped inside, closing the door behind her. The image of the dancing girl still fresh in her mind, she unbuttoned her pants and slid a hand inside. Laying down on the bed, she began to imagine the girl in the bed with her, pleasuring her in ways that got her heart pumping almost as fast as her hand against her clit. She bit her lip as the waves of climax overtook her, her cries of pleasure choked in her throat.


The next day was eerily similar to the one before, with more children and sick and Cassie doing her best to keep up. Sam was understandably absent, off again looking for someone Cassie had already given up for dead. The day ended much the same way, although the young doctor managed to stay at the dinner longer, this time intent on ignoring the redhead that now danced circles around the SG team’s table. The four men eyed the girl as she shuffled by, reminding Cassie of most men’s reaction to a stripper, thinking they were discreet when they really looked like drooling dogs.

After the third pass, Cassie couldn’t stand it anymore. Downing her final drink, the young doctor stood and began heading toward her rope ladder once more. She was almost there, her fingers reaching out toward the coarse woven hairs when a voice from behind stopped her.

“Does it bother you that much, miss?” the soft, hesitant voice called to her, entreating her to turn around.

Against her better judgment, she did turn, her vision taking in the very girl who had been filling her thoughts. The redhead looked rather shy now, her bare arms tightly woven around her middle and her green eyes averted toward the ground. “Does what bother me?” Cassie asked, slightly confused by the question.

“My dancing,” the girl replied in a whisper.

Smiling sadly, Cassie shook her head and stepped closer. “It doesn’t bother me at all, why would you think that?”

“You seemed upset and then you left in a hurry,” she answered softly. “If not my dancing, what is the matter? Do you not to wish to be here?”

The young doctor came closer at slipped an arm around the girl’s shoulders, squeezing slightly. Guiding the girl toward a table, she sat them both down and positioned herself so that she was facing the redhead. “What’s your name?” she asked quietly.

The girl smiled a little at this. “Chira. What is yours?”

“Cassie,” the doctor answered. “Look, Chira, I wasn’t upset about your dancing. I was upset about how the men in my group were reacting to your dancing. I don’t like when men behave that way about a woman. It seems … it is degrading,” she explained to the girl as the thoughts of the night before came rushing back to her. She shoved them away, telling herself that was different; it wasn’t in public, as the abhorrent expressions on her comrades’ faces were. “Does that make sense?”

Chira cocked her head to one side, a confused expression falling over her features. “I do not understand. Is it not part of my purpose to have men react to me like that?”

“Who told you that?” Cassie asked, fighting to control the irate tone that threatened to spill out, her fists clenching and unclenching unconsciously.

“Froleck, of course. He is my betrothed,” Chira answered in soft tones. “He believes that his fortune is every man’s fortune.”

“But I thought Froleck was already married,” the doctor replied.

The redhead nodded, a sad smile forming on her delicate face. “Seven times. I will be his eighth wife. He has a new house built for each one. And I shall have servants, although I do not believe I need them.”

Hearing a tone she couldn’t quite identify lacing the girl’s tone, Cassie leaned forward and after debating internally for a few seconds, settled on a question, “Does every family here have servants?” She glanced around, noticing for the first time that the people who served the dinner were not dressed as nicely as the other villagers.

“No,” Chira replied in a whisper. “Only Froleck and his wives. But I do not believe they are merely servants.”

“What do you mean?” Cassie asked, her volume matching the redhead’s.

Chira glanced around to make sure no one was listening before turning back to the doctor. “I feel as if I can trust you, but please, you must assure me you will tell no one what I am about to tell you.”

“Of course, you have my word you can trust me.”

She leaned closer, so close that Cassie could smell her sweet, flowery scent and began softly, “There are rumors that Froleck is quite cruel to his servants. I have spent time with one and she told me in confidence that he has raped her several times. She has tried to escape, to get to the Ring and leave this planet, but he has stopped her every time. He said that he paid good money for her, but that she turned out to be more trouble than she was worth, so this last time he just threw her into his jail cell. I’ve been to visit her a few times, but it’s getting harder to go without the guards finding out.” She sighed. “Froleck is a monster. I do not wish to marry him. I thought, perhaps, that if one of your men took interest in me, they would take me back with you, to your planet, where I might have a better life.”

Cassie sat in shock for a few minutes, her brain trying to comprehend that this seemingly pleasant and welcoming society actually had a dark side. Then her seasoned, experience side took over, common sense telling her that rarely were things ever as they seemed. The words were tumbling out of her mouth before she even knew what she was uttering, “Take me to her.”

“Excuse me?” the girl replied, clearly surprised.

“Take me to the woman, the one Froleck has locked up,” Cassie repeated, elaborating slightly for clarification.

Chira nodded and, taking the doctor by the hand, led her away from the cheerful music and roaring fires, out into the darkness.


About half a mile away from the village, the tiny, almost unrecognizable path the two women were on took a sudden turn downward and to the right. Suddenly Cassie found that there were steps beneath her feet, subtle and moss covered, but they were there all the same. They descended in silence, Chira stopping her new friend at one point as they pressed their bodies against the wall beside them and two guards passed by an adjoining hallway. By Cassie’s assessment, this underground prison was huge, almost as large as the above the ground village where Chira and her people lived.

The girl had explained on the way over that her people had no justice system to speak of. The only reason they existed as peacefully as they did was because they feared Froleck’s wrath. At his whim, people were executed for unknown crimes, those who somehow found his favor were put here, some never to be heard from again. No one else in the village knew where Froleck’s prison was located. Chira had discovered it as a young girl, looking for her mother who had disappeared one morning after stealing from Froleck’s private stash of food trying to feed her child. Since her mother had gone missing, Froleck had taken Chira into his house and raised her as his own until the day he would marry her, something he had publicly proclaimed on her seventh birthday.

A few days after this announcement, Chira had been playing in the woods and mistakenly found the entrance to the underground prison. There she discovered her mother, the one person in her life who had been honest with the girl about how evil Froleck truly was. Chira swore to her mother she would find a way to escape him. She visited her mother frequently over the years and Froleck never knew. But then one day her mother was no longer in the prison and Chira knew she had been murdered.

With such a history here, Cassie couldn’t understand why Chira would ever want to return, but the girl seemed confident as she navigated the empty, dark corridors. Every now and again they would pass an occupied cell and the doctor’s heart leapt in her chest. Would the prisoner give them away? What would the guards do to trespassers if they were caught? But each and every one gave a silent wave to the girl leading the way, assuring Cassie that none of them would betray the girl.

Finally they stopped next to the last cell in a row of ten. It was dark, but they had been walking in the darkness for over an hour so Cassie’s eyes were somewhat used to the dim. Peering past the rusted bars, she could barely make out the form of a woman with her back toward them, lying still on a cot, her face toward the farthest wall.

“Lady,” Chira whispered into the cell, causing the woman to shift slightly at the noise.

Slightly confused, Cassie turned to the girl and asked quietly, “Don’t you know her real name?”

The redhead shook her head, barely visible to the woman beside her except for the brilliant color of her hair. “No, servants are not allowed names by Froleck’s rule. They are merely Lady or Server to those who live in his house.”

“Chira, is that you?” the woman within the cell called out quietly to the girl.

The girl smiled and scooted closer to the bars, her small hands closing around the rusted steel. “Yes, my lady, and I have brought someone with me who might be able to help.”

Cassie was about to tell Chira that her influence was small to say the least when the woman in the cell interrupted her, “Help how?” she asked in a slightly louder voice, a voice that sounded oddly familiar to the young doctor.

She turned back to the cell as she watched the figure stand and begin to walk over to them. Chira replied in excited hushed tones, “This woman came through the Ring, Lady. I am sure she can help to rescue you!”

“Now, wait just a minute,” Cassie started, but found herself unable to finish. The minute the woman came into view, the breath left her throat and she stared in disbelief at the face that now stood before her, staring back at her with similar disbelief.

If anyone had told Cassie before she came on this mission that she would have been the one to find her mother alive, she would have laughed in that person’s face. As it was, her hope had gone out long ago, but if anyone was going to find Janet Fraiser it would be Sam, the woman had diligently searched for her since the day she disappeared. To think that she would be standing face to face with her mother in this horrible place was not something Cassie had thought possible.

“Mom?” she barely breathed, stepping closer to be sure this woman didn’t just bear a very striking resemblance to her mother. “Could it really be you?”

Chira could only gape as she stood watching the scene unfold. “Cassie?” Janet’s surprised question was followed by a small smile. “Has it been that long?”

“How … when … shit, Mom, I’ve got to get you out of here,” Cassie stumbled over her words as she fought with her shaking hands to extract her knife from one of the bulging pockets of her BDU pants.

The redhead shook her head in disbelief and awe as she watched the doctor twist the knife a few times in the lock. After a resonating crack and discovering the knife bent beyond repair, the door slowly swung open. “How did you do that?” Chira asked.

“Practice,” Cassie replied before rushing into her mother’s arms after ten long years of missing her hugs. “I thought you were dead,” she confessed into Janet’s dirty shirt, her tears making sure her face became just as dirt-covered as the clothing.

The young doctor could feel her mother’s tears soaking her hair, but she didn’t care. The only thing she cared about at that moment was the fact that her mother was alive and holding her tightly in her arms. And somehow that was all that mattered.

“I’ve been gone for so long, Cass,” Janet whispered. “I would have assumed I was dead, too.”

The next confession was out of Cassie’s mouth before she could even consider saying it, “Sam didn’t.” She raised her head and looked her mother in the eyes as she continued, “Sam thought we would find you so much that she never stopped looking. She’s here, on this planet, right now for that very reason.”

“Sam’s here?” Janet asked, her soft eyes sparkling with delight. “Please, take me to her.”

At this point, Chira stepped in to burst their bubble. “We cannot take her into the village. Froleck would have my head for this!”

Cassie thought it over a minute before turning back to the frightened girl. “Is there anywhere we can hide her until I can get Sam to her? We have to get her out of here.”

Chira stared hard at the doctor, her eyes thin slits as she considered what was being asked of her. Finally, she replied slowly, “What do I get if I help you?”

“What?” Cassie replied, “You were the one who wanted to help her before I knew who she was.”

“Not if it cost me my life!” the girl honestly replied, a little louder than Cassie would have liked. Lowering her voice, Chira continued, “I thought your could smuggle her out by the Ring. I did not think you would want to hide her here.”

Cassie shook her head. “I can’t just take her home. First of all, I’m not the one in the team who has the GDO to make sure we aren’t killed the second we step through the Gate. And second of all, I can’t just bring someone assumed dead back home by myself. There are protocols here and I don’t exactly know all of them. And I’m going to be damned if my mother is going to be taken away from me again if there was something I could do to prevent it.”

“So you want her somewhere you can bring those people who came with you to see her and yet it must be somewhere Froleck would never think to look for her?” Chira asked, her hands still shaking, but her voice was steady.

The young doctor smiled. “Now you’re getting it.”


The younger Dr. Fraiser already knew it would not be easy to get Sam to come with her without attracting the attention of SG3. As quietly as she could, Cassie walked calmly back toward the table she had vacated earlier that night, relieved to see that her adopted mother was still seated there and hadn’t yet moved to the tree house for the night. Slipping into the seat beside the taller woman, Cassie leaned over and ever so subtly made it known she wanted Sam’s – and Sam’s alone – attention.

Sam’s deep blue eyes were completely focused on her and no one else had seemed to notice that Cassie had once again joined the party. The men were busy watching other women such as Chira dancing close to the fire. The young doctor leaned over and whispered in Sam’s ear, “I found something.”

Surprise flitted across Sam’s weathered features. “What did you find?” she whispered back, intrigued by the mystery surrounding the younger woman.

“Can’t talk about it here,” Cassie replied in hushed tones. “But I can show you. If we can just slip away without anyone noticing…”

“Why?” Sam asked. “Why can’t SG3 know where we’re going?”

Cassie shook her head. “Because we don’t need Froleck to know what we’re doing.”

The next few seconds were excruciatingly painful for the young doctor as she closely watched the flickering emotions that swam across the older woman’s wise face. Finally Sam nodded, slowly at first, but sure after the first few seconds. “All right. Let’s go,” she whispered, banking on her trust in the younger woman and her own curiosity to guide her for the moment.


The two women walked several clicks to the east in silence, the voices and music from the celebration slowly fading into the background of the night. Once they could no longer hear the villagers, a shape began to become clear before them. At last Cassie stopped, the shape fully formed right in front of them, a house similar to the ones where they had been staying although this one was completely on the ground and not in a tree.

Without a word, Cassie led Sam inside and both women were temporarily blinded by the brightness of several candles, none visible from the outside due to the blackened windows. It was obvious this house was some sort of hidden getaway, far from the eyes of the village or most likely, from Froleck’s eyes. Slowly the blindness faded away, at first leaving a white hue around everything in the room.

And as the faces in the room came swimming into view, Sam’s breath caught in her throat and she began to blink away tears. Chira stood to greet the two women, but the words were lost somewhere between her head and her mouth as she saw the expression the tall blonde wore. Closing her mouth, she stepped back, next to Cassie and watched the happy reunion.

“Janet?” Sam whispered tenderly.

The brunette nodded, a small smile beginning to grow on her face. “Yeah, Sam, it’s me,” she replied softly. “I’ve missed you,” she added before the tears began to roll down her own face.

Without another word, Sam quickly closed the distance between them and gathered the shorter woman tightly in her arms. Janet clung just as tightly to the taller woman, both crying openly now, but Chira and Cassie could tell they were only tears of joy. After a few minutes, they took a deep breath and pulled away slightly, although still wrapped in each other’s arms.

“I missed you, too,” Sam replied, tenderly stroking Janet’s cheek and wiping away the tears she found there. Then she leaned down and kissed the smaller woman, her hands coming up to cup Janet’s cheeks as the kiss deepened.

As they watched, Chira couldn’t help but feel some sort of pride at her small part in reuniting the lovers. Smiling to herself, she snuck a glance over at the tall woman beside her, pleased to find that the young doctor was grinning at the sight of her two mothers together again at last. Silently the redhead reached over and took Cassie’s hand in her own, squeezing slightly.

Feeling Chira’s hand slip into her own, Cassie looked over at the younger woman, feeling a tug at her heart much different than the affection she felt for her two embracing mothers. Swallowing hard, she smiled nervously at the girl beside her, unsure of what to do about these strange new feelings welling up within her. One thing was sure, though, she decided as she turned back to Sam and Janet. There was no way she was going to let Chira marry that son of a bitch who had locked up their mothers. Chira would come home with them.

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Poor Sam. I feel so bad for how broken she got, and that she and Cassie allowed their loss to separate them.

Really well done. *squishes*
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